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Ross County Preschool Supervisor

Leslie Smith


Pike County Preschool Supervisor

Judy Wickham



Welcome to the Ross-Pike County Early Childhood Education Program. We serve young children from age three to five years old (Kindergarten entry). The interventions used are focused on the child’s interest, playfulness, and encourage development of each child. We strive to meet the needs of each individual child. We provide a safe, comfortable environment that allows the child the change for maximum opportunities for independence, creativity, and exploration.

Families are a valuable part of our program. We value your participation, insights, and comments. Your comments and questions help build the program and make us a stronger program for children.

The curriculum incorporates the Ohio Department of Education’s Academic Content Standards, and for special needs children an Individualized Education Plan, ensuring that each child receives developmentally appropriate instruction based on current research and practices.


* To provide an overall framework for learning in all developmental areas.

* To develop goals based on assessments and on-going evaluations.

* To provide an atmosphere of sensitivity and respect for parent involvement.

* To provide play opportunities which promote generalization of skills.