Amended Substitute House Bill 276 of the 126th Ohio General Assembly (2007) mandated that the Ohio Department of Education develop a safety and violence prevention curriculum to train elementary school professionals in the prevention of child abuse, violence, and substance abuse and the promotion of positive youth development (ORC 3301-073).

Amended Substitute House Bill 1 of the 128th Ohio General Assembly (2009) extended this requirement to include public middle school and high school personnel. All K-12 school professionals who were employed on the effective date of the legislation are required to fulfill the expanded in-service training requirements by March 30, 2009, and every five years thereafter. New employees must complete the training within two years of commencing employment, and every five years thereafter.

Nurses, teachers, counselors, school psychologists and administrators at public elementary, middle and high schools must take the training. School districts and educational service centers may adopt or adapt the curriculum developed by the Ohio Department of Education for this purpose, or they may develop their own program in consultation with public or private agencies or persons involved in child abuse prevention or intervention.

The previous requirements for these staff members to take in-service child abuse detection training in Ohio Revised Code Section 3319.073 was expanded with subsequent legislation. House Bill 19 adopted on March 29, 2010 added teen dating violence prevention education. House Bill 116, adopted on November 4, 2012, expanded the curriculum to include anti-harassment, intimidation and bullying and House Bill 543, adopted March 22, 2013, added youth suicide awareness and prevention. Substitute House Bill 59, passed in June 2013, added Human Trafficking to the required topics to be covered in the four-hour in-service training.

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