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HQT Form K-6

Highly Qualified Form K-6
Please completed this form if you are a special education teacher in a unit that serves students K-6 grade.  One form covers ALL subject areas.

Teaching Assignment:
Section 1: Do you have at least a bachelor's degree?
Section 2: Do you hold *full state licensure in your teaching assignment? *Substitute licenses do not meet this requirement. If you answered NO to section 1 and/or 2 proceed no further. You cannot meet the HQT requirement in this teaching assignment. "No" will be recorded on your status sheet and returned to your supervisor. If you answered "yes" to both, proceed to section 3.
Section 3: Only one "yes" in Section 3 is required. Do you have evidence that you have taken and passed one or more of the following Ohio's State Licensure Exams (OAE, Praxis II, or NTE)? Please check those that apply.

Successful completion of one test covers for all core academic subjects applicable to grade K-6 The following tests DO NOT APPLY for Section 3: Praxis II Principles of Learning & Teaching, Praxis II Special Education tests or OAE Assessments of Professional Knowledge, OAE Special Education tests. Do you have a Master's Degree in one of the following areas: Education (e.g., special education), Curriculum/Instruction, Reading, or Teaching.
Do you hold an eight-year professional certificate appropriate to your teaching assignment?
Do you hold a Permanent Certificate appropriate to your teaching assignment?
Do you hold National Board Certification appropriate to your teaching assignment?
Do you have 90 clock hours of professional development approvable by an LPDC since 1998 AND post initial licensure in the content area(s) and grade band you are seeking HQT? 90 clock hours in content knowledge; of which up to a maximum of 45 clock hours may be in teaching skills, pedagogy, or Academic Content Standards appropriate to the content area (45 clock hours = 3 semester hours). Professional development may be in one or more of the core academic subject areas.
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